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Now PENNDOT Qualified: Curbs, Sidewalks, and Concrete Coatings

We Are Concrete Construction Specialist

Welcome to M & M Concrete Services. We are a qualified installer of all types of concrete and gypsum applications, serving both the residential and commercial markets.
We specialize as a distinguished source for all your commercial and residential concrete and gypsum needs, extending from, but not limited to, foundations, foundation walls, concrete floors, exterior concrete pavements, sidewalks, driveways, pads, commercial colored floors, stamped and stained concrete, and various gypsum/cementitious underlayments and coatings.
M & M is a superior concrete and gypsum company, based on a Reliable Workforce, Timely Services, Accurate price Estimates, and Innovation.
No project is too big or small, M & M does it all. We have proudly been a source for commercial concrete applications such as schools, hotels, stores, multi & single family homes, hospitals, and nursing homes. On the residential concrete front, we deal with the application of projects such as sidewalks, drivewalks, pads, decorative retaining walls, and epoxy coatings.