Commercial Concrete Services

Our commercial concrete services serve all your cast-in-place concrete needs from foundations to slabs, used to build or enhance business facilities, such as, buildings, warehouses, retail stores, and restaurants

In high visibility, high traffic commercial and industrial spaces our concrete services are versatile, we have expert experience working on large and small scale commercial installations for companies and businesses. In addition, our optional high performance finishing applications, such as seal coating and caulking, allows for the finished product to be more durable, able to withstand heavy traffic, abrasions, and stains, created by daily wear and tear.

Various types of our commercial concrete applications include foundations, walls, floors, exterior concrete pavements, and commercial colored floors. Whether its an industrial site, tenant facilities, or a future business building, M and M employs quality work to meet the demands of any project.
For a free estimate on your next commercial concrete project, or any questions you may have, contact Mark Zeanchock at or by calling the main office (814) 523-8110 (Ext. 110).
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