We pride ourselves on being innovative, therefore, beyond concrete, we offer gypsum applications as a floor underlayment used in wood-framed and concrete construction for fire ratings, sound reduction, radiant heating, and floor leveling. Typical projects range from residential floor leveling and radiant heat, to large commercial building applications, including sound mats for noise reduction, leveling, fire proofing, and UL Rated floors. Gypsum applications are excellent for jobs requiring a smooth, flat surface. 

Our radiant heat gypsum application can improve your home or business value by eliminating the need for radiators or air ducts, to reduce cost and increase comfort. With M and M's gypsum application you get the added benefits of quick drying and set up time up to 90 minutes (allowing for on-going construction work 4 hours to the next day), light weight, crack resistant material, self-leveling (reducing application time and cost), and flattened subfloors.

We have the experieince and techniques to apply gypsum to existing or new construction, and our gypsum application fixes uneven floors over any type of wood or concrete. In addition, the gypsum underlayment is subceptible to a wide variety of floor coverings that are within the scope of any project.
Finished gypsum product over metal decking.
Gypsum application over radiant heating.
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